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Pressure Cookers Buying Guide

For so many years, cooking has had a special place in many families all over the world. Many dishes require a lot of time to cook in order for the meat to be tender and for all the flavors to infuse. People used to cook for hours, even overnight to be able to achieve the desired texture of the food. When pressure cookers were introduced in the market, people started to use these items since it dramatically reduces cooking time without changing the final outcome. This pressure cooker buying guide will show consumers what features should be in a functional home pressure cooker.

Pressure Cookers Buying Guide

1. Types of Pressure Cookers

There are two types of pressure cookers available in the market today. Consumers need to know these types so that they can decide which type can cater to their needs during home cooking. The first type of pressure cooker is the traditional stovetop type. From the name itself, consumers already have the idea that this pressure cooker will need to be placed on top of the stove over fire. With the stovetop cooker, then users will be able to detach the parts and place it inside the dishwasher. And because actual fire is used, the pressure in this type is much greater too. The other type of pressure cooker is the electric type. These pressure cookers have lesser pressure compared to stovetops but the ease and convenience it gives to the user is definitely worth considering. Cooking time and custom pressure can be controlled using digital controls too.

2. Built-in Safety Elements

Since pressure cookers deal with high pressures, a good pressure cooker must have adequate safety features. One of the safety features that consumers must look for is a steam release valve. This feature will help equalize internal pressure from external pressure so that accidents will not happen when the cover is opened. A well designed pressure cooker has a steam release valve that points upward wherein the steam goes out in one direction. Another safety feature to look for is a pressure regulator. This will help the user know if the pressure is now equal and if it is safe to open the top lid of the cooker.

3. Size, Capacity and Weight

A lot of Pressure Cookers buying guide reviews will definitely include size, weight and capacity in the things that consumers need to consider when choosing a pressure cooker. Consumers need to be aware that most pressure cookers in the market today use liters or quarts in measuring the total capacity of the volume that it can hold just like they used to do with some thermostats like a Lux TX9000TS. But in pressure cookers, extra space needs to be maintained to allow the steam to build up inside too.

This means that the maximum capacity of a pressure cooker cannot be used as a whole for the food to be cooked perfectly. Most people buy those that are able to hold 6-8 liters of liquid. This is enough to cook for a medium size family. The weight of the pressure cooker also plays a very important role. Heavy bases made of stainless steel provide a great surface for cooking and a combination of metals will prevent scorching at the bottom. Always remember that the package weight does not include the amount of food or liquid that is present inside the cooker.

4. Other features

A good pressure cooker has nonstick surfaces so that cleaning will be easy. Having handles that do not warm is definitely a must since pressure cookers will need to be transferred from a place to another while still hot. Hopefully, this Pressure cookers buying guide was able to help consumers pick out the features of the perfect pressure cooker for their homes.