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All-American 41-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner Review

All American 41 1/2 Quart Pressure Cooker CannerI. Product Description

Since pressure cookers are very important in the kitchen, a good quality pressure cooker must be chosen to be used at home. The All- American 41- ½ Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner is one of those heavy duty pressure cookers available in the market today. This is item is also definitely one of the largest ones available today which can hold up to 41.5 Quarts of liquid. This item will definitely attract consumers who are fond of cooking large quantities of food and canning them at the same time. The All-American brand is also a well known manufacturer of quality kitchen items and this pressure cooker/canner is no exception.

II. Product Details and Features

With the sheer size of this pressure cooker and canner, this unit is considered a professional grade cooker which anyone can use at home. One of the talked about features of this pressure cooker which makes it different from other cookers available in the market today is the use of a metal- to- metal seal. Yes, this pressure cooker does not need any form of rubber gasket to seal the cover to the body while cooking. The All- American 41.5 Quart Pressure Cooker is very well designed and manufactured at an optimum level that the mere bond between the cover and the body creates a metal sealing system. Many consumers may think what difference it makes if this unit simply uses metal sealing over rubber gaskets. Well, those rubber- sealants that other pressure cookers use can easily be damaged and replacing it will let you spend more on the item.

Safety features that were included in this model are also included to make sure that the users are safe at all times. Because of the size and the capacity of this pressure cooker, the manufacturers decided to put in 2 venting features. These vents are able to release the excess pressure inside the cooker automatically. The All American brand is also known for its durability of construction. This All American Pressure Cooker/ Canner is made with cast aluminum which is a very heavy duty material. It is very strong and sturdy which makes this product last for a very long time. And without the rubber gasket, this model can certainly be passed from one generation to another without having to deal with repairs and replacement if parts. The heavy duty aluminum also creates a perfect base for even distribution of heat. This makes it extra easy for the cooker to reach its target temperature too.

3. Further Information

Having this pressure cooker from All American at home is such an advantage especially to those people who love to cook. It dramatically decreases cooking time of some food items by approximately 70 percent. People will no longer have to cook overnight and keeping track of the progress of cooking will no longer be necessary. Aside from time, consumers will also save a lot of money with this unit. Instead of using a lot of gas or electricity in cooking for a long period of time, people will be able to save energy, electricity and gas which mean they also save a lot of money. Pressure canners like this are also the safest way to can food items at home since the extremely high temperatures will easily be able to kill the harmful bacteria that are found in the food while keeping all necessary nutrients for the body.

The All- American 41- ½ Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner is indeed a very heavy duty item that consumers who love to cook needs to consider. It also has a handle that keeps cool even with extremely high temperatures inside.